The “List Book”

List Book Cover - AverageLuke - Post 2I started something new at the end of last year to help me accomplish the long list of personal goals I have for 2018 – a book to hold all the lists I create. Now, admittedly, I am a list maniac who enjoys checking things off a to-do list or creating an inventory list of items being packed for a specific type of trip (business for 2-days, business for 3-days, personal camping for 3-days, etc.) so this evolution of consolidation was not a giant leap forward from what I was already doing (writing lists down in or on whatever I had available at that moment). However, I have already found it interesting how enlightening a consolidated source of lists impacting my life can be.

List Book List - AverageLuke - Post 2For example, the first list I wrote in the book was something that most people list out: a grocery shopping list. It is amazing how little a couple needs to buy to cook enough meals for a week.Admittedly, we already had the meat which reduced what we needed to purchase, but it was still a remarkably short list. Some vegetables, canned products and long-term use items and boom, you have meals for a week.

In an effort to expand my own horizons and meet my long-term goals, I have started a list of things I need to learn. This is a “living” list and will likely never be “complete”, but it helps me visualize what I know I don’t know. The devil is in what I don’t know I don’t know which should be helped by this list. I’m sure I will write a follow-up post describing my adventures in learning a great many of these things over time.

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