Bucket List

It is my opinion that everyone should put some amount of thought into what they want to own, accomplish, experience, and (generally) do in life. This requires a certain amount of self-reflection and knowing yourself. For some, this is easy while others struggle to picture their life before it happens.

Many people create a “Bucket List” to help remind them what they are driving towards every day of their life. It’s too easy to find yourself drowning in the daily grind and forgetting there is more to life than working 40+ hours a week for someone else. The Millennial Generation has consciously decided to live beyond the pursuit of a good job and the house with the white picket fence and 2.3 children; opting instead to pursue experiences over possessions, innovation above the status quo, and creating their own path in life.

Many of the items on my Bucket List read like mantras more than things I want to accomplish – and they are mantras. I use my Bucket List to remind me of the person I strive to be as well as the things I want to accomplish and experience. To an extent, my Bucket List should be a starting point for my obituary and how I want people to remember me.

In my efforts to be held accountable, I am publishing my Bucket List below for all to see. I plan on continuously updating this list as I cross things off of it or add new items as I gain new experience. To help keep things organized, I have broken my list into several sections, feel free to follow the same format for your bucket list or create your own!


My Bucket List (Always Changing)


[X] Visit Barcelona, Spain

[Never Ending] Travel the world

[X] Experience war firsthand

[ ] Hike the Continental Divide Trail

[ ] Hike the Appalachian Trail

[ ] Hike the Pacific Crest Trail

[ ] Visit all 50 states

[ ] Visit all 59 National Parks (i.e. those with “National Park” in their name)

[ ] Go white water rafting

[ ] Summit 10 “Fourteeners” in the US

[ ] Run 10 Marathons

[X] Complete the Bataan Memorial Death March (14.2 Mi)

[ ] Complete the Bataan Memorial Death March (26.2 Mi)

[ ] Complete an Ultramarathon

[ ] Ride in a hot air balloon

[ ] Hike 1,000 miles in New Mexico


[ ] Always work to improve the community I live in

[ ] Work to help those in the military communities

[ ] Help those who are unable to help themselves


[X] Fall in love

[Never Ending] Grow a healthy relationship with the man I intend to spend the rest of my life with

[ ] Live a fulfilling life together


[ ] Be financially secure enough to not have the stress of worrying about money

[ ] Be a millionaire

[ ] Be a multimillionaire

[ ] Own land of significance (100 acres or more)

[ ] Own a home


[ ] Earn an Associates Degree in Business with a concentration in Project Management

[ ] Earn a Bachelors Degree in Communication or Business Administration

[ ] Earn a Masters in Business Administration (or Communication)

[ ] Become PMI PMP certified

[Never Ending] Learn something new everyday


[X] Serve in the Army as an Infantryman

[ ] Write a book

[X] Create and manage a personal blog

[ ] Start and run my own business

[ ] Become an Influencer within my realm of expertise

[X] Work for a startup

[X] Work outside the US

[ ] Get a Realtor’s License


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