The “List Book”

List Book Cover - AverageLuke - Post 2I started something new at the end of last year to help me accomplish the long list of personal goals I have for 2018 – a book to hold all the lists I create. Now, admittedly, I am a list maniac who enjoys checking things off a to-do list or creating an inventory list of items being packed for a specific type of trip (business for 2-days, business for 3-days, personal camping for 3-days, etc.) so this evolution of consolidation was not a giant leap forward from what I was already doing (writing lists down in or on whatever I had available at that moment). However, I have already found it interesting how enlightening a consolidated source of lists impacting my life can be.

List Book List - AverageLuke - Post 2For example, the first list I wrote in the book was something that most people list out: a grocery shopping list. It is amazing how little a couple needs to buy to cook enough meals for a week.Admittedly, we already had the meat which reduced what we needed to purchase, but it was still a remarkably short list. Some vegetables, canned products and long-term use items and boom, you have meals for a week.

In an effort to expand my own horizons and meet my long-term goals, I have started a list of things I need to learn. This is a “living” list and will likely never be “complete”, but it helps me visualize what I know I don’t know. The devil is in what I don’t know I don’t know which should be helped by this list. I’m sure I will write a follow-up post describing my adventures in learning a great many of these things over time.

I also have a bucket list going of things I want to do/accomplish in my lifetime. It is unlikely I will leave too much of a legacy after I die so ensuring I experience everything I want to experience is important to me. In conjunction with this bucket list are lists of goals, both long-term and for the calendar year. These lists remind me why I do what I do everyday and how it will impact my life overall.

My plan is to grow my list of lists and analyze the data gleaned from its content. What am I doing over and over again? What is being purchased time and again? What have I learned from the act of cataloging my purchases, activities, or possessions? Could I reduce waste in my life by always having or doing something? I have never been a big data analytics guy, but it’s never too late to do something different in order to improve your life.

Do you use lists? Are they on a scratch piece of paper or do you consolidate them in one place? Have you seen benefits from keeping (or not keeping) lists? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to follow this blog!